WARNING: This electric cycle is not for everyone. This is the bike you’ll want after you have gone out and dropped 3- $4,000 on a “by the book” e-bike and come to terms with all it’s limitations and disappointments. This is the cycle that pushes the technology from exercise toy to performance SUV. As such, we are legally required to sell it as an “off road” vehicle. How you decide to ride and program this high-tech, ultra-efficient vehicle is up to you. Rest assured, it can be programmed to meet street legal requirements.

4 Seasons of Fun

The low-pressure fat tires offer a smooth, comfortable ride and allow you to ride year round in almost any condition (including (and especially) snow). You’ll see parking lots transform into pristine powder fields and don’t even get us started on what golf courses turn into… Sorry you’ll never look at snow the same way again.

What is Mountain Grade Performance?

It has to be tough, smart, reliable & easy to fix. Mountains have a way of testing limits and extremes. The truth is, not many e-bikes are up to the challenges real mountains offer. They overheat and shut down on long climbs or simply lack the power to be effective. The Disrupter is born and bred in the Colorado Rockies and is built to haul big people and heavy payloads up big mountains 7 days a week…that’s mountain grade performance.

The Brains of a Race Car...

You are in full control. Owners have the ability to download the special programming app and fine-tune their bikes to be exactly the way they like. With the Disrupter the back end is open and you're welcome to tweak and tune to your heart’s content. Check out the programming app here.

Skip The Bike Shop

Forget having to go to some bike shop where they give you sideways looks about assembling an outside bike.  In about 20 minutes you can easily be out on your first ride.  We provide an assembly video and all the necessary tools to get you up and going as quick as possible.

NOT One Size Fits All- 3 Sizes & 3 Colors

Like any good bike, an e-bike is the most efficient and the most comfortable when it fits correctly. We offer the Disrupter in 21", 19" and 17" models. We can accommodate riders from about 5'4" up to over 6'4" with these sizes. You also have your choice of 3 great colors:  Black White and Orange

We have a variety of financing options and can help almost anyone.

You can afford to start riding now.  We realize larger purchases are easier to handle over time. Use our easy finance program to get payments that make sense for you.

• Don't drain your cash, let the savings you get from riding pay for your cycle!

• Get the ball rolling now and we will get you an answer as fast as we can.

Get Started Now

When you buy factory direct, you can have it your way.

Forget getting stuck with stock parts you don't want. Our upgrade program allows you to exchange certain stock parts for discounted upgrades. This means you can have your Disrupter just the way you want it right out of the box.
  • Batteries

    2 upgrade options:

    •13 Amp hour

    •14 Amp Hour

  • Saddles

    • 5 choices

    • Men’s, Women’s

    • Anatomical

  • Grips

    3 options

    • Ergonomic / Low fatigue

    • Hand Stitched Leather

  • Pedals

    3 options

    • Shimano

    • 3 Berring

  • Brake Rotors

    180mm Rotor Upgrade

    • Installed

    • With Brackets

  • Seatpost

    Thudbuster OR

    • Instant Suspension

    •140mm of travel

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