Download The Cycle Analyst Programming App
Discover How Much Control You Really Have!

Choose your platform and download the latest cycle analyst programming app.  From there you can launch into the app and see all the functions that are controlled and monitored by the Cycle Analyst.

WARNING: Don't let the extreme amount of control freak you out. If you "don't get" this stuff, don't worry. You can always start with the factory baseline profile and fine tune from there, or use one of our pre-programmed profiles and never have to change a thing.  The point is, you are in complete control to make your cycle the way you want it.

The Disrupter has 3 programmable power settings

For each setting there are controls for: maximum power output, acceleration, top speed, pedal assist power, throttle power, cruise control and more.


Here is Mac Download:

Cycle Analyst 3.0 Mac Installer

Here is PC Download:

Cycle Analyst 3.0 Windows Installer

Here is Linux Download:

Cycle Analyst 3.0 Linux Installer

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